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Friday, 20 June 2014

0 Facebook Will Allow Children to Join the Network

:Facebook Will Allow Children to Join the Network:

Facebook Will Allow Children to Join the Network

The company is trying to figure out the way to allow children under 13 years old join the social network. It turned out that Facebook has designs for a system that allows children under 13 to be supervised by parents, as the US legislation prohibits children under 13 from using any online services that collect information without explicit “verifiable parental consent”. At the moment, the social network doesn’t allow users under 13 to join.

Facebook is now trying to address this problem, and the company filed a patent application based on 2-year-old research, but it is not a predictor of future work in this area. According to the patent, the company developed a system of parental supervision. First of all, the parent would have to verify their own identity before allowing the child to create an account. Then parents get access to parental controls tools that would allow to restrict access to specific content, friends and 3rd-party apps like Facebook games. The chances are that a system proving the identity of a parent and their consent would have to be approved by the US Federal Trade Commission.
Despite the fact that the social network prohibits children under 13 from using the website, they still do it. The problem is that verifying a person’s age is very difficult to do online, particularly for people without official government-issued identity papers or other age-related identities.
Security experts explain that the matter is that children are already using Facebook, with or without parental supervision, and they are unlikely to stop getting on there, regardless of Facebook avoiding accepting preteen members. The social network is actively trying to remove underage children – for instance, about 800,000 preteens have been removed from Facebook in 2012 alone. In the meantime, it was also estimated that 5.6 million underage accounts remained active on Facebook, many of them having been created with the help of parents.
The social network claimed that it has nothing to announce thus far in regard to allowing children under 13 to join Facebook, and that the patent application was filed in response to research being conducted in the area, which is not necessarily indicative of future work.

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