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Thursday, 19 December 2013

0 Kernel for Windows Data Recovery

Kernel for Windows Data Recovery

for Windows Data Recovery for the first time is quite easy and straight forward - requiring no high technical abilities. Once downloaded, the installer wizard guides you through the whole installation process - through to launching the tool.

The user interface comes with clearly arranged tabs which makes navigating the recovery tool easy.
The process of recovering lost or deleted files using Kernel for Windows Data Recovery starts with a scan - using one of three scan modes discussed in details further below.
After choosing a scan mode, the next step involves specifying the location you wish to recover data from - either a physical or logical device.
The tool allows you to select an existing partition to scan or alternatively to search for a lost partition to recover data from if the partition is missing from the display panel.
Once partition is selected, the scan commences for recoverable data using your specified scanning mode. A progress bar instantly shows you - in %, the progress of the recovery process.
Detailed result of the recoverable files found on the scanned disk or partition is displayed for you to preview and proceed with a full recovery operation. Recoverable files are arranged in a tree-like structure - similar to the default Windows Explorer display panel.
After reviewing the scan result, you have a number of options - including the ability to recover either individual or all recoverable files found or to save a snapshot of the files for later recovery.
Choice of Quick, Extensive or File Trace Scan and Recovery Modes:
Kernel for Windows Data Recovery offers three scan types for the best chances of recovering any type of lost data from your hard disk.
  1. The Quick Scan mode presents the quickest way to recover recently lost data due to hard drive corruption, bad sectors, files lost due to virus attacks, or if you accidentally deleted a disk partition.
  2. The Extensive Scan mode allows you to search for and recover lost files in more serious cases - like long after formatting or deleting a hard disk partition. The advanced recovery capability of this recovery mode increases the possibility of recovering data that may have been lost a long time ago. This is also the recommended recovery mode when the quick scan option fails to return any found recoverable data.
  3. The File Trace Scan and recovery mode lets you extensively scan your hard drive or partitions for any recoverable files. Due to the detailed scanning involved, this recovery mode takes the longest time to complete but remains the best option for locating and recovering data which has not been possible using the first two modes above.

The file trace recovery mode also comes with the ability to specify the file type you need to recover using a wild card such as *.xls, *.docx, *.pdf - effectively minimising the time it takes to complete a recovery operation.
The Recovered File "Find" and "Filter" Features:
It is not Un-usual for the recovery tool to return hundreds or even thousands of files after a scan is completed. Manually sorting through the heap of recovered data can be time consuming - depending on the amount.
The File find feature - accessible from the "tools" menu bar allows you to quickly locate a specific file or file type that is of interest to you to recover. Simply type the file name or file type in the search box and the tool uses its inbuilt file search engine to quickly locate and present the file(s) for you to preview and save. 
Similarly, if you are interested in only previewing and then saving data belonging to more than one file type, the File Filter tool - also accessible from the "tools" menu bar - allows you to filter the results down to only the file types you specify.
Recoverable File Preview Feature:
Kernel for Windows Data Recovery Software allows you to preview all recoverable files found after performing a scan using any of the scan modes mentioned above.
File preview feature lets you limit the length of time it takes for a recovery operation by first previewing and only recovering the data that is of interest to you - rather than recovering all found recoverable files. 
Save Recoverable File Snapshot for Later Full Recovery Operation:
This handy feature available in Kernel Windows Data recovery Software allows you to save a snapshot of all recoverable files for a later recovery operation. This is particularly useful in scenarios when you need to quickly recover some of the files found during a scan and leave the rest for later full recovery due to time constraints.
Supports USB External Hard Drive Recovery:
Kernel for Windows Data Recovery Software additional allows you to search for and recover lost files from any USB attached external hard drive. To perform a file recovery operation, simply attach the external hard drive to your PC and select any of the recovery modes to initiate the recovery operation.
For most cases of data lost due to several factors - including, but not limited to, hard drive corruption, deleted disk partitions, disk or partition formatting or data lost due to virus attack, Kernel for Windows data recovery software will most likely help you recover the data back.
The data Recovery tool comes with a free trial that allows you to use the tool to perform a scan using any of its inbuilt scanning modes to locate any recoverable files on your hard drive. However, saving any or all recovered data requires upgrading to a full functional version.
The advantage of using the trial version before upgrading to the full version is that it will allow you to quickly assess how effective the tool will be for your lost data recovery need.

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